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Modification and Enforcement

Divorce Decree Modification

You Can't Make Post-Divorce Modifications On Your Own

In Greenville, divorce decree modifications, particularly those that involve children, must be managed through the courts. Child custody and visitation changes and requests to modify child support cannot be handled solely by the parents. Court orders can be modified only by a judge; any attempt to change them on your own could result in contempt of court. The lawyers at Temple & Mann are ready to help you in any way they can.

Child Support Enforcement

South Carolina's Department of Social Services (DSS) does not look kindly on parents who do not take care of their children. If you are the noncustodial parent and you don't make child support payments, you will soon find yourself in court, where the judge may fine you $1,500, put you in jail for a year, or both, and hit you with one of these penalties:

  • Revocation of your driver's, occupational, professional, business or commercial license
  • Interception of your federal tax refunds
  • Interception of your state tax refunds
  • Interception of unemployment benefits
  • Passport denial
  • Placing an administrative lien on your bank accounts, land or car

Can Alimony Be Changed?

Alimony is one of the most difficult court orders to modify. If spousal support is straining your budget or you suspect your ex may be hiding his or her income, you should speak with an attorney who is skilled in handling modifications.

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