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What Are Grounds For Divorce?

Divorce Takes Time

There's no getting around it: Getting a divorce in South Carolina takes time. Even though state law says a divorce can be had in as little as 90 days, the number of divorce cases in court may slow the process. In any divorce, the court cannot hold hearings until 60 days after the divorce action is filed, and it cannot issue a divorce decree until 90 days after filing. Even if you separate for a year before filing for a no-fault divorce, divorce will not be instantaneous.

South Carolina Grounds For Divorce

What are grounds for divorce? The Palmetto State recognizes four fault-based grounds: adultery, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness (alcohol or drugs) and desertion. The fifth ground, separation for at least one year, qualifies couples for a no-fault divorce.

Get Qualified Legal Help

Although do-it-yourself divorce "kits" abound on the Internet, an attorney's advice and counsel can be valuable even in an amicable no-fault divorce. Temple & Mann lawyers know South Carolina's laws. They understand how various grounds can affect alimony, division of property and attorney's fees.

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