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Greenville Divorce Attorney

Filing For Divorce In Greenville County

It's a scary moment, like stepping off the edge of a cliff. When you've decided to divorce your spouse, you're moving into unknown territory. Let a Greenville divorce lawyer be your guide. At Temple & Mann, we have helped many families find their way through the divorce process.

What To Expect

Much of what will happen during the next few months depends upon your situation. A marriage that's been damaged by abuse, neglect or substance abuse will likely generate a more contentious divorce than one in which you and your partner simply agree that the marriage cannot be saved. If you anticipate a contested divorce or a custody fight, our attorneys will prepare you for it. We will explain divorce laws and court procedures. With temporary hearings and final hearings, your divorce could take a year or longer.

Child Custody And Visitation Decisions

It is difficult to limit a parent's access to a child. When the court determines custody, the first thing it considers is the best interests of the child. The courts have a lot of discretion in making their decisions. They will examine each parent's relationship with the child and look at who has been the child's primary caretaker. They will determine if you and your ex can work together and handle joint custody.

Once we know which judge is hearing your case, we use the benefit of our in-court experience to surmise what he or she will do and tailor our strategy accordingly.

The Decision Is Yours

As lawyers, we can give you advice regarding your divorce. We can tell you what the law does and does not allow. Your life may be falling apart, changing dramatically. We will spell out your options and guide you through the process. There is just no good way to break up a family. We can't make you whole, but we can guide you toward the best thing to do. The decision is yours.

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