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Prenuptial Agreements And Divorce

You and your soon-to-be ex signed a prenuptial agreement that specified what belonged to whom and how marital property was to be split in case of a divorce. Now, however, you have children, and they weren't accounted for in the prenup. Is that document still valid? A Greenville family law attorney can tell you.

Prenups On The Rise

Prenuptial agreements have increased significantly in recent years. In a study released in 2013, the America Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that the use of prenuptial agreements increased over the previous three years as the economy and real estate markets improved. The most common items covered were protection of separate property, alimony or spousal maintenance, and division of property. If you are considering signing a prenup, consult us. We'll be happy to look over the proposed agreement and make sure it's in your best interests.

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