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Greenville, South Carolina, Attorney

Temple & Mann, Family Lawyers In Greenville, South Carolina

The attorneys at Temple & Mann practice in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and adoption. They also assist families with estate planning and probate, including the appointment of conservators and guardians. They help their clients deal with the often raw emotions found in dynamic family situations.

Mediation Versus Litigation

Going to court is costly and time-consuming. Both parties can save money if they can keep their case out of court. If you and your soon-to-be-ex can't resolve the matter in a fair and equitable manner, South Carolina Family Court requires mediation. At Temple & Mann, we try to work out a solution that's agreeable to all concerned.

Dealing With Misconceptions

Temple & Mann lawyers also work to dispel common misconceptions about family law, particularly as they pertain to divorce:

  1. Everything in law is black and white. Each case brings something different to the table, because all families have their own unique personalities and situations. One couple's divorce settlement can be very different from another's.
  2. The woman gets the children; the man gets the money. In South Carolina, this is not necessarily the case. Men and women are equal in the eyes of the law.
  3. Men are going to lose all their money in a divorce. South Carolina is an equitable distribution state. The court will decide who gets what based on a fair division of property. Nor is spousal support cut and dried. You may have to support your ex-spouse, but maybe only for a limited time, or not at all.
  4. Women will starve to death after divorce. With an equitable distribution of your marital assets, a reasonable amount of child support and some spousal support may be all you need to start a new life.

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